Lenovo just has announced its four new mid range Android tablets in A series lineup on Tuesday. The new tablets are A7-30, A7-50, A8-50 and A10-70 which will be market soon.

If you are not fond of Samsung Galaxy tablets, Lenovo tablets are one of the best options for budget tabs. They just revealed the four new awesome entry-level android slates that keep the promise to focus on the sound quality of the devices that we have already seen in last year tablet’s models.

All the four new tabs of Lenovo are running on Google’s famous mobile Operating System (OS) Android. Although it is not been revealed yet that what version of Android these new tablets are having on-board but it’s confirmed that it is Android.

The entire release of new tablets has a Dolby audio that will give its users a heart touching experience and will definitely improve the experience of small-screen movies. The full specs of the devices are not been revealed yet but it’s for sure that all the devices will have smart and responsive hardware and OS.

Lenovo A7-30 is the entry-level tablet of the new release, although the company did not unveil full specifications but according to company assertion it has a screen of 7 inch that is running on a quad-core processor, with the support of Dolby audio speakers and a built-in SIM slot for cellular networking.

The second tablet Lenovo A7-50 is not much different from its entry-level tablet. Some of the specs are almost same, and Lenovo says that A7-50 has a dual 2 megapixels camera, optional 3G networking and 8GB on-board storage (yet unknown either expandable or not). And it has almost the same screen size like A7-30.

While Lenovo A8-50 is quite different and takes a quite impressive jump from the previous two tabs, as it has a 8 inch full HD display with some improved and extra smart features (yet unknown). The company also promises that a variety of colors will be available in Lenovo A8-50.

 The last and top-end in the series is Lenovo A10-70, it has 10.1 inch HD display with some unknown high resolutions and definitely a powerful and ultra responsive quad-core processor.

Lenovo’s VP (Vice President) and head of mobiles said, “Our Android family of tablets will appeal to users around the world as we’ve built our products to be highly flexible to serve multiple need and budgets”.

Lenovo also revealed the price of new tablets except one, the Lenovo A7-30. The price for Lenovo A7-50 is set to around $165 ($164.59, £99), Lenovo A8-50 will cost almost $232 ($231.09, £139), and while the top end Lenovo A10-70 will fetch almost $283 ($282.61, £169.99), and probably all the new tablets are said to be in market shelves in Q2 (second quarter) of this year.

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